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Jun 4, 2018

We are joined by two of our iOS engineers today, Michelle Tessier and Johnny Hicks. We talk about the 2.7 release of Day One on iOS and macOS. They also tell us about their backgrounds and some of the things they have worked on at Day One. 

Plus, interview clips with Andrea from DC.

May 21, 2018

We have some updates for you this week and some user interviews. Thank you so much for your feedback each week and we look forward to talking with you. 

Weekly Tip: Linking entries in Day One. See this help guide:


May 7, 2018

Today we talk to senior engineer, BJ Homer. We are excited to share his background and experience with Day One along with some features he has worked on. 

We also have an some clips from an interview with Karen, a member of the Day One community. 


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Apr 23, 2018

This week we talk about latest updates to the apps, roadmap information for Day One as of 23 April 2018, and some community emails! Join Adam and Brett on this week's episode!

Apr 9, 2018

Today we sit down with Founder and CEO, Paul Mayne. He talks about the origins of Day One, the transition to a different business model, and a bit about the future of Day One. Join Adam Daly and Brett Nord as we interview Paul!